Elevated (or elevating) Work Platforms (EWP’s) come in several different types which are suitable for different purposes. They may be self-propelled, mounted on a trailer (towable) or mounted on a truck.

The distinguishing feature of an EWP is that it has its own controls. So, for example, a personnel cage attached to a forklift is not considered to be an EWP.

Main Categories of EWP

Vertical Type EWP

Has a telescopic mast that extends in a vertical direction only. The capabilities in terms of weight and height are usually quite limited.

Vertical type EWP’s are usually used for internal maintenance tasks such as working on fittings in a high-ceiling building such as a warehouse.

Scissor Type EWP

The scissor type EWP can also only extend up and down vertically. As the name suggests, the mechanism is based on supports that criss-cross in an ‘X’ pattern and fold down when not extended.

Boom Type EWP

Our speciality at Lift Industries is supplying boom type EWP’s mounted on truck bodies. These are the most versatile type of EWP as the operator can move the work platform in multiple directions to reach the required work space without having to re-position the vehicle.