Parts & Breakdown Support

Our team of certified and experienced technicians provide quarterly and annual inspections for EWPs, Crane Borers, Vehicle Loading Cranes, Hookloaders, Scissorlifts and Spider Lifts. These include annual inspections for load testing, hydraulic servicing and filter replacement and six (6) month electrical testing on all insulated EWPs.

Our detailed inspections are done electronically and our inspectors can come to you within range of our Brisbane and Sunshine Coast workshops. After each inspection we provide inspection reports which include detailed photos of faults alongside comments and explanations provided by the inspector. At the end of your equipment’s 10-year lifespan we also conduct major inspections.


As an authorised sales distributor for Terex Utilities, we’re able to procure and supply a wide range of genuine EWP and Crane Borer parts at top speed. You can rest assured that these high-quality parts fall under the manufacturer’s warranty and are compatible with your equipment. In addition to special orders, we generally maintain a healthy stock of frequently replaced parts so these are available to customers without any delay.

Technical Support

With a highly-skilled team of technicians and access to high-quality EWP and Crane Borer parts at our fingertips, we’re well-equipped to provide technical support at Lift Industries as needed. If you need help with your EWP or Crane Borer unexpectedly, call us and we can get one of our technicians over to assess your situation and often provide repairs on-site, right there and then. We’ll even fly in if necessary.

We can ensure that your project stays on track because your equipment is safe for use and compliant with all the relevant Australian standards.

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