At Lift Industries, we offer a one-stop shop service as Australia and New Zealand’s primary distributor, servicer and parts supplier of Terex Utilities Insulated Elevated Work Platforms & Crane Borers. That means the fastest supply of parts, assured quality and compliance with all of the Australian standards for EWPs & Crane Borers. With the Terex brand’s years of experience building lightweight but durable equipment at affordable prices, we’re well-positioned to help you find quality lifting solutions for projects at any height no matter the industry.

We provide in-house vehicle sourcing, drafting and CAD design, fabrication services, EWP and Crane Borer installations. We are also certified to provide modification plates for customisation of vehicles and handle registration for on roads (VSB6 Heavy Vehicle Modification Standard – Certificate of Modification) making us a ‘purchase and drive away’ provider of EWPs and Crane Borers.

We don’t just deal with EWPs and Crane Borers either. For drilling projects, ask us about our augers etc. Whatever the particular use you have in mind, we can find the high-quality, competitively priced solution that suits you best.

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Our Range

Within the Terex range of products, you’ll find some of the most durable, lightweight, innovative and insulated Elevated Work Platforms and Crane Borers available in the industry. The technicians at Lift Industries are fully authorised to stock and maintain them and due to our relationship with Terex, we can access and import parts and equipment with the fastest delivery time (usually a week). Whether you’re involved in Tree Trimming, Mining, Agriculture, Council work or any other field, we can make a vehicle that suits your industry.

Insulated EWP

Non Insulated EWP

Crane Borers

Tracked Machines

Lodax Ground Pads

Specialised Equipment

Ongoing Maintenance and Support

One of the great benefits of Lift Industries being the Primary Parts Distributor for Terex in Australia and New Zealand is that we can save you time (which often saves you money too). We keep a large stock of the most sought after parts. By dealing directly with us, you can benefit from our existing relationship with Terex to have your parts delivered quickly so you’re not stuck waiting any longer than you have to be.


Technical Support

Latest News

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Who Can Perform a Major Inspection on an EWP?

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What are the Different Types of EWP?

What are the Different Types of EWP?

Elevated (or elevating) Work Platforms (EWP’s) come in several different types which are suitable for different purposes. They may be self-propelled, mounted on a trailer (towable) or mounted on a truck. The distinguishing feature of an EWP is that it has its own...

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