Inspections & Rebuilds

Meet Your Inspection Obligations

There are specific requirements to ensure that elevation equipment is maintained to Australian Standards over its lifetime. We are equipped to carry out complete inspections and rebuilds to ensure that ensure your elevated work platforms, crane borers and vehicle loading cranes are compliant with these minimum standards. We can also conduct regularly scheduled inspections between these compulsory intervals.  

Compulsory Inspections & Rebuilds

Under Australian Standards (AS 2550.10 and AS 1418) all types of mobile elevating work platforms, cranes, hoists and winches are required to undergo a complete inspection and rebuild after the first 10 years of the equipment’s life and every five years thereafter.

This entails the equipment being completely stripped down and replacement of any parts that are not in suitable working condition.

Lift Industries meets and exceeds the competencies required to carry out compulsory inspections and rebuilds.

Quarterly Inspections

Ensure your equipment is in good condition and safe working order at all times.

Our quarterly inspection program involves checking key parts and visual inpection of your equipment for signs of unusual wear and tear or incorrect operation. Our specialist technicians can do quarterly inspections in either of our workshops or at your site. 

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